Autism Spectrum Disorders



Multidisciplinary Assessment

Nathaniel W. Jones, Ph.D., NCSP New Hampshire Certified School Psychologist, Nationally Certified School Psychologist, also leader of a multidisciplinary assessment team.

Behavioral Assessment 

SERESC’s Behavior Support Team (BST) works in about 30 NH School Districts with students from preschool to age 21, at the request of an administrator, teacher or parent.

When the BST is called, a consultants will respond by using evidence based best practices, based on research and established guidelines, to assess the reason for the concerning behavior. They will perform a functional behavioral assessment asking: What is the Behavior? What triggers the behavior? When is the behavior most likely to occur? When is it least likely to occur? What does the student gain or avoid by using the challenging behavior(s).

Once the behavioral consultant, with the child’s team, has hypothesized the goal of the behavior, the consultant will help them teach replacement behaviors.

Working collaboratively with the BST, the behavioral consultant develops a function-based positive behavior support plan that makes all of those involved more successful.  Each behavioral consultant provides his or her Districts with ongoing technical assistance, collaborative consultation, onsite professional development and continued follow-up to review each situation some time later and make systematic changes as needed.

SERESC’s behavioral specialists can help facilitate individualized student services, as well as provide training to educators and parents. Let our consultants help you create a blueprint for ensuring the success of even the most challenging students. For more information contact Tom Benjamin at (603) 206-6802 or

Our Education/Behavior Consultants include:

Tom Benjamin, M.S., BCBA
Dennis P. Bradley, MA, LMHC, BCBA
Maura Johnson, Victoria Miller
Diane Leblanc, Julie Bernier
Kenneth McDowell, Patricia Butler
Diane Berman, Becky Roberts

Dr. Kathleen Quill- Ed.D., Psycholinguistics and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). 

Dr. Quill, a SERESC affiliate, is an educator, author, lecturer and consultant who works with educators, families, clinicians and others who need assistance in developing developmental, social, communication and academic programs for children with autism spectrum disorders.  She will begin the 2011 school year by providing technical assistance and professional development at SERESC, in school districts and via virtual communications. Contact Abby Collins or 603-206-6806 for more information.

Counseling/Education Case Management

Carolyn Woodman, M.Ed. (2) Special Education, Counseling- observations, parent support, classroom and team support. or 603-206-6835 for more information.


Speech Pathology

Judith Mikami, CCC/SLP consults to schools and families on speech pathology issues, with a specialty in feeding and swallowing, and is part of the SERESC multi-disciplinary assessment team. or 603-206-6821 for more information.

System Support for Positive Behaviors

Center for Effective Behavioral Intervention and Support (CEBIS) – organizing schools to provide ongoing, systematic programming to promote positive behaviors among all children, with increasing levels of support as needed.

Other Topics and Services

  • Autism and transition
  • Using visual supports and visual communication software
  •  Speakers from the parent point of view

 Professional Development

  • Ongoing technical assistance to educators who work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders contact Carolyn Woodman,, 603-206-6835
  • On site presentations at your school or agency contact Carolyn Woodman, , 603-206-6835
  • Scheduled Professional Development at SERESC regarding Autism Spectrum Disorders-