Behavior Assessment, Support, Consulting

Behavior Support Team (BST)

SERESC’s Behavior Support Team (BST) works in about 30 NH School Districts with students from preschool to age 21, at the request of an administrator, teacher or parent.

When the BST is called, a consultants will respond by using evidence based best practices, based on research and established guidelines, to assess the reason for the concerning behavior. They will perform a functional behavioral assessment asking: What is the Behavior? What triggers the behavior? When is the behavior most likely to occur? When is it least likely to occur? What does the student gain or avoid by using the challenging behavior(s).

Once the behavioral consultant, with the child’s team, has hypothesized the goal of the behavior, the consultant will help them teach replacement behaviors.

Working collaboratively with the BST, the behavioral consultant develops a function-based positive behavior support plan that makes all of those involved more successful.  Each behavioral consultant provides his or her Districts with ongoing technical assistance, collaborative consultation, onsite professional development and continued follow-up to review each situation some time later and make systematic changes as needed.

SERESC’s behavioral specialists can help facilitate individualized student services, as well as provide training to educators and parents. Let our consultants help you create a blueprint for ensuring the success of even the most challenging students. For more information contact Tom Benjamin at (603) 206-6802 or

Our Education/Behavior Consultants include:
Tom Benjamin, M.S., BCBA
Dennis P. Bradley, MA, LMHC, BCBA


Maura Johnson, Victoria Miller
Diane Leblanc, Julie Bernier
Kenneth McDowell, Patricia Butler
Diane Berman, Becky Roberts

Kathleen Quill, Ed.D., Psycholinguistics, BCBA

Provides:  Program, educator, and parent support in the behavioral, developmental and social education of young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Dr. Quill is respected internationally as an author, lecturer and consultant in the field of educating children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  She has conducted trainings in over 20 countries, given the keynote address for 10 international organizations, and presented at over 100 conferences.  She has authored numerous publications, is the editor of the popular book Teaching Children with Autism: Strategies to Enhance Communication and Socialization (Delmar Publishers, 1995), author of the bestseller DO-WATCH-LISTEN-SAY: Social and Communication intervention for Children with Autism (Brookes Publishing, 2000), and principal developer of AutismPro, an online software tool providing evidence-based educational interventions for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

After 35 years of research and training, Dr. Quill is now in private practice offering personalized expert support to schools, families and their Intervention teams.

School Based Psychologists

SERESC’s School Based Psychologists provide behavioral evaluations of students of all ages, including Functional Behavioral Analyses (FBA) and also in-depth evaluations of students’ emotional and mental health.  Evaluations of student’s behavioral, emotional, and/or social health can be completed in a standalone manner or as part of a more comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation.

Evaluations focus on understanding the student’s strengths and weaknesses and their interactions with their environment.  Recommendations are offered to enhance the student’s positive behaviors and reduce or replace their negative behaviors.  If needed, DSM-IV-TR diagnostic impressions can be offered and evaluations can be coordinated with the student’s mental health team and medical team. 
For more information, contact Dr. Nate Jones at 603 206-6845 or Alicia Garcia at 603-206-6838