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Tools for Communication between School Teams and Health Care Providers

Resources to support collaboration between school teams and community providers

Below are two PowerPoints created to support collaboration between educators and community providers, particularly pediatricians.  The PowerPoints are designed to be given by an educator such as a school psychologist, special educator, and/or special education administrator. You may download and use these presentations in your work with community providers.  Please do not remove the credit given to Dr. Jones, Dr. Warren, and other contributors. 


If you have questions, please reach out to Nate Jones.


Teacher and Student
Young Man in Plaid

School Refusal: Strategies for Health Care Providers 

For the school refusal presentation, the referenced School Refusal Assessment Scale-Revised is available here

The attached forms are intended to help school teams communicate efficiently with a student’s pediatrician and other health care providers. These forms are based on work done in 2012 by SERESC with funding from the Endowment for Health (EOH). In an effort to improve communication between schools and the medical community regarding the implementation of Section 504 and special education, these forms have been reviewed and revised by a committee comprised of school staff at the elementary and secondary levels, state agency personnel, and other interested parties.

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