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SERESC enjoys a long standing
culture of collaboration with NH schools, students, families and community partners.

Statewide Projects & Initiatives

SERESC oversees several significant grant-funded projects. As these are all long-term statewide projects that have been repeatedly funded by the state as well as private donors, they attest to the significant impact that SERESC has had on the New Hampshire nonprofit and educational community. The SERESC project leads for these grants, as well as other SERESC consultants, regularly offer statewide professional learning opportunities, including training and mentoring, to New Hampshire educators and child care providers.  Thus, SERESC ensures that its impact extends beyond the individual level and contributes to a highly qualified educational workforce ready to meet the complex needs of New Hampshire’s children and families. 

SERESC's projects include the following: 

NH CEBIS (Center for Effective Behavioral Interventions and Supports) engages schools and other youth-serving organizations in developing strategic systems and practices that promote the behavioral, social-emotional and academic growth of all children.

NHAN (NH Afterschool Network) promotes quality out-of-school time programming and brings awareness to the important role afterschool programs provide for NH youth.

ACROSS NH provides statewide training and technical assistance to afterschool professionals to support their work in creating innovative programs for school aged children.

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