Special Educator

Part-or Full-Time, Employee or Independent Contractor

Job Description


  • State of New Hampshire certification in Special Education or be qualified to obtain. Must be able and willing to serve students on-site in NH school districts, as well as remotely.
  • Master’s degree in Special Education from accredited university


  • Communicator /listener
  • Collaborator
  • Problem solver
  • Processor
  • Synthesizer
  • Patience
  • Sense of humor

Support Provided:

SERESC will provide technological, billing, and marketing support. The Special Education Team Leader will provide coordination of assigned work, consultation when requested, and facilitate establishment and maintenance of professional relationships with school districts and other agencies. Additional support and materials may include administrative support and provision of supplies and material such as phone number and voicemail, access to a desk and telephone, evaluation materials, and storage space for records related to consultation cases. 

Scope of Work:

  • Design and carry out developmentally appropriate and differentiated instruction as warranted by IEP goals with appropriate accommodations.
  • Implement behavior and incentive plans and maintain data to support children’s behavior and social emotional needs.
  • Guide classroom support staff in implementing activities that support student goals and other areas of need and in collecting data.
  • Provide direct individual and/or group instruction through inclusion and/or resource models
  • Conduct thorough academic evaluations, developmental assessments, and/or progress monitoring necessary for quarterly progress reports, annual assessment and re-evaluations.
  • Support the transition of students within the classroom and building by using positive behavior supports, visuals, and developmentally appropriate interventions.
  • Implement appropriate instructional strategies established in children’s treatment plans, IEPs, and individual support plans.

Benefits Available To Qualified Employees:

  • Competitive pay range with mileage reimbursement
  • Life, dental, medical insurance, and retirement plans available
  • Flexible hours, dependent on school district needs
  • Professional Development 

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