Partner with Us

SERESC has a long history of collaboration and partnership with like-minded entities. Below are several ways that we might work with your organization or team.

Fiscal Sponsorship

SERESC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, with many years of experience as a fiscal agent supporting education and child-related initiatives. If you believe your initiative aligns with our mission, whether publicly or privately funded, please reach out to us. We can also provide office space for staff and events related to your project.

Other Opportunities

Grant Writing and Administration

SERESC has experience in grant research, proposal development, and post-award grant management. Having successfully applied for grants from a variety of public and private sources, we are well positioned to advise and assist other organizations with their grant submissions.

Subject Matter Experts and Presentations

SERSEC can provide subject-matter experts for a wide range of educational and clinical issues. The range of topics and areas of expertise that can be addressed include behavioral health, crisis response, adult services, and clinical skills.

Co-Sponsorship of Events

SERESC often partners with state agencies, professional associations, and institutions to co-host and sponsor events that address critical issues that are relevant to NH schools, families, and communities. These events often focus on public health topics and provide information and/or resources that support community members.

Internships and Mentoring

SERESC has worked closely with higher educational institutions to create coordinated internship programs for school-based roles such as school psychologists. We also contract with districts to provide mentoring to school staff who are new to their roles and need oversight and classroom observation to meet licensing requirements.

Contact us to learn about our services and providers.

For over 50 years, SERESC has partnered with New Hampshire schools to help learners reach their full potential. Reach out today to start your journey with us!