Training Opportunities

SERESC consultants are recognized as effective presenters and trainers locally, statewide, and nationally.

Effective & Engaging PD

Our consultants provide customized professional development and training to schools and programs on a range of topics. These learning opportunities can target educators, school leadership, and support personnel, and can be designed for large or small groups, as well as individuals through 1:1 coaching or mentoring.

Topics include:

  • Social-emotional Learning
  • Inclusive Educational Practices
  • Behavioral Challenges
  • Administration of Assessments
  • Special Education Eligibility and Services

“No other agencies offer trainings and collaboration opportunities like SERESC that directly impact our ability to offer strong support and accommodations for students with a variety of individual needs. Christina Chadwick, TOD, offers technology support, teaching strategies, and best practice suggestions that allow us to continually improve the quality of the services we provide for our students.”

Karen Muthersbaugh, Special Educator/Case Manager

Laconia Middle School

New Training Opportunity

Empowering the Caregiver and Adult Client

Caregivers will be taught strategies to aid adult clients with developmental disabilities in a variety of environments, including group homes and day programs. By helping clients develop physical movement skills and better communication skills, clients will enjoy more independence and agency, and caregivers will derive more satisfaction from their roles.

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